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Numbers Workshop

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Numbers Workshop

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Wednesday 10th and Wednesday 17th April
6.15PM - 8.15PM

Often the merest mention of numbers is enough to elicit groans and howls from students of French. Numbers are one of the first things you learn as an absolute beginner, and often they are left right there and not considered again until it is time (gasp!) to use them.

This workshop is designed to take away the nervousness you may feel about numbers by confronting them head-on. Think telephone numbers, prices, times, dates, sizes, years and much more.

So if you are a person who is ‘at sixes and sevens’ with French numbers, take heart. Remember, it has been proven: numbers are hard. However they are not insurmountable. You just need practice, know-how and un soupçon de confiance*.

*a touch of confidence

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