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What is the main benefit?

If you find yourself interested in the DELF, but not yet ready to take it on, the preparation course is your best bet. We have designed it as a year-long course that lays the groundwork necessary to ready students for the DELF training program.

Without the pressure of an exam at the end of the year, the preparation courses offer a more relaxed environment in which to learn, while maintaining focus.

All four competencies are given attention throughout the year, so students will see a steady improvement in all aspects of their French. Since a cross-referenced grammar guide is part of the package, this course is great for filling in any holes in your French.

What would my level be?

The DELF preparation course begins with a consolidation of the level below the one in which you choose to enrol. For example, if you chose the B1 DELF preparation course, the first few weeks of the course will be spent making sure students are confident at an A2 level, before moving on to B1 material for the remainder of the course. One of the aims of the course is to increase participant's confidence in their level, so we want to make sure we fill in any holes before moving on.

The guide below is very general. We know everyone’s French learning history is different, so please contact us to discuss your exact level.


When are the classes?

Since the classes for the DELF are so small, we find it works best to set the time and day of the lesson in consultation with the group. If you are interested, please contact us and let us know if you have a preference for :

  • daytime, or

  • afternoon classes (5pm)

If you can only make evening classes, still get in touch as we may be able to accommodate you if others are also interested. Alternatively, we can deliver the DELF preparation through a series of private lessons.

We structure the program so that no classes are held during school holidays, nor in any week that contains a public holiday regardless of whether your class falls on the public holiday itself or not.

What sort of commitment is required?

Classes are an hour long and have a maximum of four students. We recommend you do a minimum of two hours of homework per week, split between homework and grammar exercises, for which we'll provide you a guide. 

WHAT if i find i do want to sit the exam?

You definitely can. While the course is not designed to prepare students for it, if you're feeling confident as the exam approaches, by all means, you can choose to sit it. You may just want to book in a private lesson or two with us so we can run you through the exact format of the exam.


There are three ways to pay for your DELF lessons:

UPFRONT receive $100 off course fee

INCREMENTS split the fee into up to four invoices payable before the course start date

WEEKLY split the cost of the program over the duration of the course

*exclusive of Ezidebit fees, which are minimal. Please  contact us  for more details.

*exclusive of Ezidebit fees, which are minimal. Please contact us for more details.



  • Guaranteed maximum class size of 4 students

  • 36 weeks of specialist training

  • Two textbooks with answer key booklets

  • Practice exams to track your progress

  • Cross-referenced grammar guide