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If you are motivated to improve your French quickly, or the idea of a group lesson doesn’t appeal, Lingua Franca’s private lessons are for you.

We can tailor lessons to your exact requirements or offer direction if you’re not sure where to begin.


We’ve created a warm and convivial atmosphere so you can learn in a relaxed, engaged way. Keeping the classes small helps, too.

Classes are held at our 'nid' (nest) in Newstead and you can choose from day or evening classes.


We run two different training courses to prepare students to attain the DELF certificate, an internationally-recognised attestation as to your level of French.

Whether for your CV or simply your own satisfaction, the DELF is a great way to improve your French quickly.



Since we imagine your time is limited and you want to make the right decision about your French, we have two options to ensure you choose the right path.



If you’re new to French or you’ve done some, but long ago, we recommend you attend one of our quarterly Échantillons (free trial lessons).

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To find out what our Free Trial is all about, click here.



If you’ve done quite a bit of French in the past, or have a special need or interest, it’s probably better to book a free 30-minute one-on-one session.

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For more on our free 30-minute tête-à-têtes, click here.