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Naturellement*, you may have some further questions. Here are some answers to the most common ones. Of course, if you have more, please do not hesitate to let us know.

What is the school like?

It is like a little jewel in the heart of the 10th arrondissement. Once two apartments that stood side-by-side, the area has now been turned into a charming little house and event space (see photos below). It is the home of Petit Comité, a catering business run by mother/daughter team Marie Laroche and Lucie Bichelberger. We have rented the space out for the week of the summer school, but Marie and Lucie’s touch will not be far away: they’ll be delivering home-made cakes and pastries each morning for our pauses-cafés* as well as sharing their love for cooking with us at a hands-on cooking class during the week.

Where is it located?

The school is on the ground floor of a very quiet street (Cité Hauteville) in the 10th arrondissement. The 10th arrondissement is large, though you’ll find you’ll spend most of your post-lesson time in the gorgeous little pocket surrounding the school. There’s a boulangerie* just around the corner, a café with excellent people-watching opportunities just up the road and hip little restaurants dotted throughout the quartier*. The closest métro stop is Poissonière and there’s a famous food market (Saint Quentin) just down the road which is great for a quick bite after class.

Why just a week?

We know you’re a busy group of people and you like to get things done. By limiting the lessons to seven days, we can keep the instruction constant and focused. It’s a blast of French that we can’t give you in Australia: there’s no replicating the immersive value of constant lessons and real-life experiences for seven days straight.

We also know you’re a well-travelled bunch, and many of you have friends and family living overseas. We thought a week in Paris would be the perfect length of time to combine with other European travel plans.

Why are flights and accommodation not included for this trip?

Mostly for the reasons above, that is, that we expect many of you to combine the trip with other travel plans in Europe or elsewhere and therefore to stipulate dates of travel would be restrictive. As for the accommodation, we imagine some of you already have a favourite hotel, others may wish to stay with friends or family and we wanted to give you the option of finding a place to stay that suits your particular style and budget.

Can you arrange flights and accommodation for us?

Of course! We’d be more than happy to book flights, hotels, transfers, travel insurance and extra experiences. We have a relationship with Hôtel Paradis, a charming 3-star hotel just five minutes from the school. This boutique hotel group has two other properties in the area: Hotel Bienvenue and Hôtel Panache (3- and 4-star respectively). There are many other options, though, so please contact Emma from Travel Managers to get the ball rolling. Email:

What can I expect from the lessons?

The best things about doing lessons sur place* is how immediately useful the content is. The minute you step out the door of the school, you’ll be able to put into practice what you’ve just learned.

As mentioned previously, the group will be divided into two groups, according to level. Lessons will start at 9:00am and will go through to 12:30pm. At 10:30am, we’ll take a pause-café (think coffee and pâtisseries*) for you to clear your brain and stretch your legs. We’ll have two tutors (Katrina and one other) and therefore two small groups: one around the big kitchen table and the other in the salon* across the hall. One session will focus on arming you with the vocabulary and grammar you’ll need to communicate effectively and the other will be devoted to an exploration of the French culture, giving you the insider’s running on what it means to be truly français*.

The students who participated in this year’s inaugural Summer School noticed a dramatic improvement in their French as the week wore on. Of course, doing lessons every day contributed greatly to this improvement, but the students cited an increase in confidence as the major factor behind their progress.

What will a typical day be like?

The school bell will sound at 9:00am and lessons will be wrapped up at 12:30pm, the perfect time for you to go in search of a delicious déjeuner*, whether in the local quartier or somewhere further afield. Afternoons will be free for you to explore on your own, or if you’ve taken the activities package, you’ll be in for a treat being shown the sites and explained the history of Paris with our guide. In the late afternoon, we’ll meet at a local bar for an evening apéro* and the chance to discuss your day.

What about the activities?

We have the charming Edward from Paris with Ted to provide tours for two of the seven days we’ll be in Paris. Edward was born and raised in Paris with a French mother and a British father. He completed his university studies in the UK so is therefore not only completely bilingual but bicultural as well.

Lucie, from Petit Comité will conduct a hands-on cooking class on one of the afternoons, allowing you to learn an aspect of French cooking from a truly passionate and talented professional cook.

We’ll decide on the exact tours closer to the time, but expect visits such as the flea markets, the banks of the Seine and their rejuvenation, the Canal St Martin and even revolutionary Paris. Tours will last between 2 and 3 hours and will be conducted in a mix of French and English, adapted to the level of the group.

And what if I decide not to take the activities package?

That is totally up to you, of course, and will give you more time to explore Paris on your own. Perhaps you have compiled a list of things you’d like to see and do and are keen to work your way through it over the course of the week. In any case, the lessons will not be lost on you as everything you’ll learn in the morning will be immediately applicable in the afternoon, whether you do the organised activities or not.

Our first group all decided to sign up for the activities package (closer to the trip date) and all were very happy they did, but it really is up to you.

What about the apéro?

The apéro is not compulsory either, so if you find yourself caught up in the delights of Paris and unable to make it to our chosen bar at the agreed time, ne vous inquiétez pas*. The apéro is just a chance for us to get together as a group, recap our day and have a chat and a drink.

Are there any dinners together?

Oui*, in fact we’ve organised two and they’re included in the price. Our welcome dinner will be held on Monday evening after our first day of lessons and will give everyone a chance to get to know one another better. Our farewell dinner will be held at a local restaurant before we leave the next day so we can come together one last time to celebrate your achievements!

What’s included?

All tuition (seven days, 3.5 hrs per day), all materials, morning tea each day, welcome and farewell dinner and drinks, lovely welcome gifts!

What’s not included?

Flights, accommodation, all other meals (see above), drinks, transfers, travel insurance (compulsory), incidental expenses.

C’est tout*?

Yes, that’s about it from our end, but if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.

*Naturally | *coffee breaks | *bakery | *neighbourhood | *on site | *pastries | *living room | *French | *lunch | *pre-dinner drink | *don’t worry | *Yes | *Is that all?


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Places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

A further payment of $1000 will be payable on 30th June 2020, and we will contact you closer to the trip to see if you’d like to take up the activities package (an additional $300.00)

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