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Les quatre saisons

The four seasons series

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A love of the French language often goes main dans la main* with an interest in French culture, and what a rich culture it is.

Run on a seasonal basis, Lingua Franca's series Les Quatre Saisons, or The Four Seasons, gives you the opportunity to learn about a particular aspect of French culture.

Following the European calendar, a French native-speaker will reveal an aspect of la culture française* by way of a talk, mostly in French, with short summaries in English along the way. Les chouchous* will be given ample time during the two-hour séance* to ask questions and we hope a real cultural exchange will ensue. A light lunch will then be served, including wine, so we can continue the discussion in a more convivial and relaxed way.

Each year, we choose a theme, and in 2018 we have chosen la fête*, since it is our belief the French have an extraordinary ability to celebrate in ways that are mind-blowing in both their majesty and creativity.

*hand in glove | *the French culture | *You, the teacher’s pets | *session | *party/festival

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Fête des Lumières

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Saturday 12th May 2018

10am - 1pm

Festival de Cannes

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Saturday 28th Jul 2018

10am - 1pm

Fête Nationale

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Saturday 27th Oct 2018

10am - 1pm

Nuit Blanche

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