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Le Club de Lecture

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Le Club de Lecture

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Êtes-vous passionné(e) par la lecture? Do you love the idea of a French book club? Each term, we discover a new French livre: you’ll be asked to 25-30 pages per week as homework and you’ll be provided with a vocabulary list of words we think you may not know to make your reading experience more pleasurable. No putting the book down every two minutes to look up a word, the list will be right in front of you. In class, you’ll discuss themes, characters and plot development, meaning you’ll see a marked improvement not only in your reading skills but in your speaking as well.

Price includes hard copy of text which is yours to keep.


Le Club de Lecture runs for ten weeks and is held every Tuesday at 10am, starting on the 9th of October and ending on the 12th of December.


There are no ‘Catch the Worm’ reductions offered for ten-week courses as a package price has already been applied.

Price shown includes applicable discount.

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