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Les Actualités

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Les Actualités

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Vous voulez améliorer votre compréhension orale? Do you find it hard to understand French spoken at a natural rate? Do you dream of being able to understand the French News? Work towards this goal in this ten-week course, with structure and support provided to ensure steady and swift improvement. Covering both the headlines and a feature story, you’ll be trained to identify key words to aid your comprehension. There are questions to answer and you’ll be provided with a full transcript of the feature story at the end of each lesson.

Price includes all in-class materials and the transcriptions (with the story’s URL) are yours to keep.


Les Actualités runs for 10 weeks and is held every Thursday at 7:30pm, starting on October 10th and ending on December 12th.


There are no ‘Catch the Worm’ reductions offered for ten-week courses as a package price has already been applied.

Price shown includes applicable discount.

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