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Contact us to come in and have a chat about your French.

Sometimes all it takes is to sit down with an experienced tutor to work out the best next step for your French. Over ten years, Katrina has spoken to literally thousands of students about their French and she also has her own experience as a non-native speaker to draw upon. Talk to her about your strengths as well as areas you find more difficult, and she’ll be able to suggest a practical and logical path to follow.

Katrina is seriously passionate about the French language so if she believes Lingua Franca can’t offer you what you need, she’ll happily recommend another school or course to get you where you need to go.

Lingua Franca has the benefit of offering courses written by someone who has learned the language from scratch and therefore understands your challenges, as well as a team of dynamic and fun French native-speaking tutors who can give you the cultural and linguistic insight you desire.

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