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Beginner French Lessons

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, especially from the standpoint of an absolute beginner. Not knowing where to start and not having access to the right information can put you on the back foot. As an absolute beginner, there are a number of things you should be looking for when choosing where to begin your beginner French lessons.

beginner french lessons


There aren’t many language schools that actually have an absolute beginner class. When looking for where to take your lessons, make sure that they have a class that starts from the very beginning.


As a beginner, we know from experience that lessons longer than an hour can become quite tiring, especially as adults (because let’s face it, we have thousands of things going on at the same time). Stick to classes that run for no more than an hour.

beginner french lessons


This can come in a number of different modes:

  • tutor availability
  • private lessons
  • conversational opportunities, and
  • online materials. 

Check to make sure that you can speak to your tutor before and after class to clarify any questions you may have. 

Does your chosen language school also offer private lessons? Sometimes a little extra study on the side can really push your learning. Quite often a private lesson or two serves clear up any lingering questions and re-motivate you. 

Most people find speaking and listening the hardest part of learning French. This often comes down to two things: opportunity and confidence. Look for a low-key opportunity to practise your spoken French. This could come in the form of a Meetup (many schools have them and they’re often free) or occasional events where people are encouraged (but not pressured) to speak French.

Finally, online support materials that you can access at home to clarify what you’ve learnt in class are indispensable. Look out for schools that offer an online platform for you to chat to your fellow students. It’s a great way to engage with your peers. They, after-all, are going through the same motions as you; learning a new language as an absolute beginner.

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After all the learning is done, it is time to get out there and practise! Look out for a language school that offers a social program. Either going to the movies to see the latest French film, going to a local French restaurant or attending an art or fashion exhibition. This is not only fun, it will boost your confidence and give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people.


Even after all your meticulous research, you may find that the level of the class you’ve chosen is not quite right. Look for a school that allows you to swap between levels (whether up or down) to find the one that’s right for you. That way you can move on without being held back, or have the consolidation you need before moving on to the next step.

These are just a few of the things that we cater for at Lingua Franca. Teaching students at an absolute beginner level is one of the things that we do best. We love making sure our students have all the basics firmly in hand before they move on. Remember, we tutors have all been language students in the past, so we know what it’s like to feel rushed and out of your depth. It’s demotivating and that’s the last thing you need. Encouragement, support and careful guidance are what we’re all about.

Beginner French lessons in Brisbane that include all of our recommendations aren’t as hard to find as you think, we would love to help you find what’s right for you. We are experts in our field and can help you on your way. And of course, while we’d love you to join us here at Lingua Franca, if we’re not the right fit for you, we are very happy to recommend you to a school who will be.