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So what is an échantillon exactly?

We often hear from people who have been meaning to start or return to learning French and for one reason or another it hasn't happened.  We decided, therefore, to give people the chance to come and try out one of our friendly and relaxed group lessons free of charge. 'Échantillon' is the French word for 'sample' or 'test' and that's exactly what we'd like you to do.

We hold group classes quarterly and you can see the dates on offer on the calendar below. Also, from time to time, we offer 30 minute trial private lessons for those who are interested in a more tailored approach. Again, check the dates for these on the calendar below.

HERE IS A taste of what we do in exactly 47 seconds :

AND Here is what one of our previous attendees, Nicole, had to say: 

I was a little nervous to start as I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I would enjoy it as much as I hoped - all those ‘doing-something-new’ feelings.
I had a really lovely experience. I learned a lot in that small space of time and have found myself repeating words and numbers whenever I have had a moment today.
Thanks for offering an opportunity to give people a taste of what they could be doing and learning.
— Nicole


Please note: Lingua Franca échantillons are held at our office at 22 Masters St, Newstead.