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Group or private lessons?

While your preference for group or private French lessons will come down largely to personality type, it never hurts to consider the merits of both.

We find that a mix of the two is often a good option for people at various points in their French learning. Below, a quick lowdown of the benefits of group versus private French lessons.



Group French Lessons Brisbane

Group French Lessons Brisbane


The combination of personalities and learning styles in a group can really work to your advantage. You’ll find people raise questions you’ve never even considered, and equally you’ll no doubt offer up something fresh to think about, too. This can lead to a really comprehensive way of learning, and the group dynamic means there is less chance of the class veering off on tangents, as there will always be someone to keep you on track.

group vs private French lessons


Since in a well-run group lesson, the teacher will divide their attention as equally as possible between all members, the focus is not always on you. While some may see this as a disadvantage of group lessons, it can also be a positive thing. Being away from the spotlight gives you the chance to digest the information being offered and synthesise it in your own way.

Group French Lessons Brisbane

Group French Lessons Brisbane


Here at Lingua Franca we love watching the dynamics of each group grow and change over time. What may start out as ‘just a French lesson’ can become so much more, with people meeting up outside of class to pursue their French as well as all manner of other interests. We often find that people who enjoy language also have passions in other areas of the arts, so trips to the cinema or gallery visits are a natural extension of the ‘in-class’ friendships.



group vs private French lessons


By their very nature, private French lessons offer more flexibility than group lessons. Since there is only yourself and your teacher to consider, changing a lesson time to allow for another commitment is easier, and longer breaks to accommodate travel or illness can usually be negotiated. There is also more flexibility in the content of your lessons - you can speed up, slow down, or change tack entirely to suit your needs.

group vs private French lessons


If you’re a person who loves to challenge yourself, you’ll probably find the idea of private French lessons very appealing, as the whole hour (or longer) will be dedicated to you: your learning style, your needs, your questions, your goals. You’ll without doubt get to where you want to go faster by engaging in this type of learning.

group vs private French lessons


Starting (or resuming) classes can be anxiety-inducing for even the most confident among us. For some, the peace and quiet of a private lesson suits them best, and offers them the space to open up over time, not on someone else’s timetable.



Meet Deborah

She has been teaching French at Lingua Franca for seven years!

Deborah teaches both group and private French lessons here at Lingua Franca. Listen to her talk about her experience as a French teacher, and what she thinks is the best environment to learn in.


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Even better is to be able to try out the school before committing to a course or lessons. Some schools do offer this, and here at Lingua Franca we offer them on a quarterly basis. 

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What is Lingua Franca?

We’ve created a warm and convivial atmosphere so you can learn in a relaxed, engaged way. Keeping the classes small helps, too.

Classes are held at our 'nid' (nest) in Newstead and you can choose from day or evening classes.

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