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Group French lessons in Brisbane


Learning French as part of a group brings with it all sorts of advantages, some of which are not immediately obvious (and are often the best parts!). Read on for a idea of some of the top reasons to learn French in a group.

Group French Lessons Brisbane

Group French Lessons Brisbane


While it’s logical that you’ll learn faster in a private, one-on-one lesson, there is no denying that learning in a group brings with it a greater potential for fun. The mix of ages, backgrounds and experiences means the hour or so you spend will be interesting, engaging and, at times, frankly unpredictable!

One of our students offered an interesting insight, having done both private and group lessons. She admitted that she enjoyed the 'breathing space' the group lessons gave, as the spotlight is not constantly focused on you.

Group French Lessons Brisbane


We all learn in different ways, and naturally favour the style of learning that is most comfortable to us. Being in a group means being privy to the learning styles of others, and this can often be very illuminating. Do you memorise new vocabulary by looking for a link to your native tongue, or do you remember the sound the word makes? Perhaps you find writing a new word down is the only way to cement it in your brain. You may pick up a new technique simply by observing the learning styles of your classmates.

Group French Lessons Brisbane

Group French Lessons Brisbane


Often a group serves as a source of motivation, and the group dynamic (if it’s a good one) can greatly influence how well you learn in that class. If you’re lucky enough to be in a class filled with motivated and like-minded people, you’ll find that in no time you’ll all be sharing ideas and tips on learning French. Here at Lingua Franca we see and hear it all the time: while our students are waiting for their class to begin, we hear them trading the names of French websites they’ve discovered, or debating the merits of various new apps on the market. We must admit to a bit of eavesdropping when this happens. We’re fans of French after all, too!



Lingua Franca has been running group French lessons for almost ten years and in that time we have seen many professional connections made and extraordinary friendships develop and flourish. It makes sense: if you sign up to a group lesson with people who love the French language, it’s very likely you’re going to have other interests in common, too. We’re still waiting for our first Lingua Franca romance, but surely it’s just a matter of time?


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