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Le chouchou | Teacher's pet

Corinne Sklavos

LCCN #7 | Corinne Sklavos.jpg

Name/nom: Corinne Sklavos

Age/âge: 28 

Level/Niveau: ABR


LF:    Corinne, quelle est ta profession?

CS:     I work as a medical scientist.

LF     Pourquoi tu étudies le français?

CS:    I am studying French to minimise my sense of unilingual shame on my trip to France in September. I have never studied a language before but I am having a lot of fun in my group lessons at Lingua Franca. I have some very clever friends that speak French. I like texting them in French when I can…it’s good practice for those irregular verbs (no wonder I’m le chouchou). French culture just seems so cool to me too: wine, cheese, Dior…say no more!

LF:     Mot préféré en français?

CS:     My favourite French word is Billecart-salmon 🥂 #tchintchin

LF:     Merci, Corinne et bon courage pour Term 4.

CS:     You’re welcome, LF!