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Top Three Tips for Mastering FrencH


We believe that learning a new skill should be a joy, not a chore. By this, we mean if you choose to carve extra time out of your day to learn French, it has to suit your lifestyle. You want to give yourself the best possible chance to stick at your new hobby. Here are our top three tips to do this:

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Adapted to your Learning Style

Make sure the lessons suit your learning style. If you learn best in a casual and relaxed environment, it doesn’t make any sense to sign up for a course that reminds you of the very worst of your school days. No matter how keen you are to leaner French, you’ll be frustrated and demotivated in no time.

Remember how we said it should be a joy rather than a chore? This is what we mean. Go with your grain, not against it, and you’ll have much greater chance at not only sticking to your resolve, but you’ll find enormous enjoyment along the way.

beginner french lessons

The lifestyle factor

Make sure your lessons work for you on a practical level. Are you at your very best first thing in the morning? Then look for a French school that offers early morning classes. Perhaps evenings work in better with your work schedule or other commitments. If the idea coming straight from work, pouring yourself a glass of wine and settling in for an hour’s French sounds like a good way to close out your day, an evening lesson at Lingua Franca will tick all the right boxes.

If you need that extra time out or prefer to immerse yourself in order to learn, check out our overseas trips to French speaking countries. From France, to New Caledonia, Morocco and beyond!

LOCATION, location, location

Don’t make it hard for yourself. Look for lessons close to where you live. If you’re in Teneriffe, Newstead, Bowen Hills, New Farm or the Valley and the idea of strolling to your lesson is appealing, come and see us. We’re just behind the Gasworks on Masters Street in Newstead. By choosing local lessons, you’ll not only be making your life easy for yourself, but you’ll likely meet some of your neighbours. A sense of shared interests and community are other very motivating factors in continuing a new hobby.


Don’t take our word for it

Watch the video to meet Karen, a current student.