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Chef's table France

© Kevin Laurino / Netflix

© Kevin Laurino / Netflix

Even if you don’t have Netflix, I strongly encourage you to take a look at Chef’s Table France on Youtube. If you have Netflix, tant mieux*, you are in for a sensual treat of the highest order.

The Emmy-nominated series opens the door on the world of French cuisine. Beautifully shot and captivatingly told, the stories of the passion, drive and sheer excellence of some of France’s top chefs will have your papilles* pulsating. The series will open your eyes to the esteem in which the French hold their most enduring obsession: la cuisine*.

One of the most touching stories comes from Alexandre Couillon, a high school dropout from the gastronomic wasteland of Noirmoutier on the Atlantic Coast, whose surname means ‘moron’. Despite this unfortunate moniker, Alexandre is an absolute genius in the kitchen. Along with his wife, Alexandre pours his heart and soul into their restaurant La Marine, in the hopes of putting his terroir* on the map. Seven years later, they are ready to walk away defeated, when un grand rebondissement* comes their way. No spoilers here, but if you don’t shed une larme ou deux*, you might need to check your pulse. Fantastic viewing. The best thing for you, as a student French: English subtitles. Watch, learn and be inspired.

Voici la bande announce* for season 1.

*all the better | *taste buds | *food | *homeland | *twist in the tale | *a tear or two | *Here is the trailer