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Au nid | In the nest


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If you’ve been meaning to do it all year, grab your last chance to come along to a Free Trial lesson here au nid. We’d love to get you started on your French apprentissage* before the year is out.

If you’re plein d’enthousiasme* about your French, these upcoming school holidays offer you a chance to hone your skills even more. Whether it’s travel French you’re after, or you want to clean up all of those pesky little words (en, à, aux, mon, du…ringing bells?) our September workshops could be just the solution*. Learn more here: En Voyage and Les Petits Mots.

Can you believe we’re heading towards the end of the year already? Before things get too crazy, be sure to sign up for Term 4. Classes start the week of the 2nd October and we look forward to seeing you en classe*.

Youpi!* It’s finally happening. Many of you have been asking us for years and in September 2018 we’re going to make it une réalité. Yes, our inaugural France trip. We’re in the planning stages, but if this announcement make your oreilles* prick up, go here to learn more. 

For those of you who prefer to stay a little closer to home, we will once again be heading off to Nouméa in April next year. We’d love to have you come along. Let us know you’re keen. For all you rats de bibliothèques* out there, in Term 4 we will once again be running our Club de Lecture on Thursdays at 10am. This term, we have chosen a slightly easier book called Et si c’était vrai*, which will be a relief to those who participated in Term 3’s bookclub. By the way, huge félicitations to those very students. You certainly did not shy away from the challenge! Your vocabulary will thank you, c’est promis.

Finally, a lovely thing happened au nid* this week. Katrina was named as a finalist in the Australian Institute of Managers and Leaders ALEA awards. She did not take out the gong this time, but what a wonderful feeling to be nominated. To the mystery person who made it happen, un grand merci*.

*learning | *all fired up | *answer | *in class | *Yippee! | *ears | *bookworms | *And if it were true | *I promise | *in the nest | *a huge thank you.